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Officers of the Hicks and Chicks Club

The 2018-2019 Season Officers

Co-Presidents -Tammy Goodman; and Jeff and Penny Sellars,   e-mail: 

Vice-president- Traci Teeter,   e-mail: 

Treasury- Travis Dudley

Secretary- Mardee Lang

Banner Chairman- Don and Sue Corbin, Penny Sellars, Tammy Goodman, and Sondra Carey.   e-mail:

Photographer and Historian-  Sue Corbin,   e-mail:

Web Site-  Big Bird,  

Former Presidents-   Jim and Robin Brucker, Sue and Don Corbin, Tom Lines, Don Corbin, Vivian Jordan, Vern Wright,    First 25 Years:Jim Beidler, Jim Schindlewolf, Bob Mrlby, Paul Thiabaut, Edward Belko, Don McClaren, Phil Bargar, Bill Davis, Larry Weaver, Harold Thomas, Bill Stump, Larry Eblin, Allen Lyce, Bill Jacobs, Lowell Schlecht, Tom Lines, Jerry Bowles, Bill Stump, Dan Thowsend, and Bill Davis.

Co-President: Tammy Goodman

Co-President: Penny and Jeff Sellers

Treasurer: Travis Dudley

Secretary: Mardee Lang

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Banner Chairs Don and Sue Corbin

Photographer Sue Corbin