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Hicks and Chicks Lessons

For the new beginner (and us old-timers too)

Hicks and Chicks Western Square Dance lessons

Starting Sunday, September 8, 2019

Hicks and Chicks Western Square Dance lessons will begin on Sunday, September 8 2019, and continue Sunday evenings each week through Graduation Sunday.  Lessons are held at the Park Ave. Elementary School Gym, 335 Park Ave., Mount Gilead, Ohio, and will be from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM each night.  

The lessons, September 8 and September 15, 2019 will be free.  The first session of 10 week lessons will be $50 per person, and ending in December, The Second session of 10 week lessons, beginning in January, will be $50 per person, and graduation will be in March.

Square dance caller Ed Laudenschlager will be the instructor for the lessons, and he is a fun teacher.  

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Phone: Robin & Jim at 419-768-1238


Western Square Dance lessons for this year for the Hicks and Chicks will start on Sunday, September 8, 2019  No experience was necessary.  The cost  beginning September 22, will be $50.00 per student, for the first paid ten lessons, and $50.00 per student, for the second ten paid lessons,  to be paid in advance. The last few lessons will be workshops for all members.  There will be members (called Angels) at every lesson to help you by being part of the square. There is always plenty of refreshments, which seems to be a big part of square dancing.

Square dance caller Ed Laudenschlager, the Hicks and Chicks Club instructor, will be calling the lessons, and he has plenty of good music and makes learning to square dance FUN.  We are planning on having 22 lessons, with some student-graduate level dances at the end of this season.

If you would like to be contacted when the next set of square dance lessons will begin, or for more information about square or round dancing, contact any Officer as listed in the "Officers" web page or an e-mail to or any member of the Hicks and Chicks Club.  You are always welcome to come to and watch at any of our club dances at no charge.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is Western Square Dancing?            There are two types of Square Dancing.   Eastern, aka, Swap and Swing, Square Dancing is the type you most likely learned in High School.  In this type of dancing, the 1st couple does the figures then the 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  Eastern dancing is popular at community functions and pop-up dances.   Western Square Dancing (this is what our club dances) features all couples moving at once in various patterns.  There are many Western Square Dance calls; therefore lessons are needed in order to dance at dances featuring this type of dancing. 

How long will lessons last?            Beginning lessons for the Hicks and Chicks are being set.   Lessons will take the student through basic, mainstream and plus calls. Lessons will take 22 weeks.

How much do lessons cost?            Cost depends on the number of students taking lessons.   The first two  lessons are free in order to give folks an idea of what Western Square Dancing is all about.  The lessons begriming September 8, are $50.00 per student, for the first ten lessons, and $50.00 per student, for the second ten paid lessons.

What do you wear to lessons?            Dress is casual. Jeans and shorts are OK, and warmer clothing during the winter.  Wear comfortable shoes.  After lessons have progressed you may want to look into leather bottom shoes to help with dancing on the various floor surfaces. 

When do you attend dances and what do you wear?            Actual Square Dances that are structured for students start in December.  However, you may wish to try a dance earlier.  Your club can help you with that decision.  Dress is casual for students. Jeans and a dress top will work for most dances.  Once you graduate you will find there are more formal dances that require the ladies to wear long skirts or full western attire (the choice is yours) and the men to wear dress pants or jeans and western shirts.  Guidance is given as you go through Square Dance Lessons.

Are there many clubs is this area?            Currently, there are several local clubs including several in Columbus.  Longer travels to clubs in the  Cleveland, Toledo and Akron area are also planned by the Hicks and Chicks.  Local clubs are in Tiffin (T-Squares), Mansfield (Johnny Appleseed Squares), Mount Vernon (Dixie Squares) dancing in Fredericktown, and Delaware (Little Brown Jugs). 

Have another question?  Ask one of the club members.  By the way, Club members that help with lessons are called Angels.  Join us for a fun time and you will learn why.

(Thanks to Sue for this Q&A section)

This Lesson is Free, and Much More

More free dancing after completing lessons:      A student taking lessons will be invited to the Hicks and Chicks Christmas Dinner and Dance to get a first hand experience of a real western square dance. This will be called a Hi-Lo Square Dance, where every other tip will be called at the level for the student. This is the first opportunity for the student to dance in western wear, but it is not necessary.  The dinner and dance will be free to the student.  For the following  three months, the Hicks and Chicks dances will be Hi-Lo dances, and the student can dance at no cost. Many other square dance clubs in Columbus and around the state have Hi-Lo dances also.

By spring, you will be dancing at the "Plus" club level, and will be invited to join our Hicks and Chicks Club, or any other club you so wish.  The important thing is, to get you dancing so you can have fun and enjoyment like we do. 

Next years class members and caller;