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Hicks and Chicks Square and Round Dance Club

Park Ave. Elementary School

335 Park Ave., Mount Gilead, Ohio

Western dancing the third Saturday of every month

Round dancing begins at 7:30 p.m., square dancing begins at 8:00 p.m., dancing ends at 10:30 p.m.

Square Dancing is Fun and Friendship set to Music

Welcome to "First-timers" visiting our web site 

We extend our warmest welcome to those who are visiting our Hicks and Chicks web site for the first time.

The main reason we square and round dance is because it is FUN and relaxing, even though sometimes it seems like hard work.  Another reason is for the new friends that we have made.  That is where the square dancers motto came from: "Square Dancing is Fun and Friendship Set to Music".  Square dancers welcome anyone who is willing to try it.  Lessons generally begin in early September.

We assure you that there is a western square dance club near you, whether you live or visit in Marion Ohio, Any state, England, or Japan.  All clubs world wide, will call in English as it is taught here in Mount Gilead, Ohio.  Most clubs in Ohio, including the Hicks and Chicks Club, dance at a level of 120 calls called the Mainstream-Plus level.  Dancing at this level requires several weeks of practice lessons.  The first night of these practice lessons, approx. 25 basic calls are taught, and will provide you dancing more advanced than eastern (swap and swing) square dancing.  You will quickly advance to Basic level (approx. 50 calls), and will allow you to dance at Hi-Lo square dances and special dances for students. Some clubs dance at the Mainstream level of 100 calls.

The world wide group of volunteers that suggests these calls to the local club callers is known as "CALLERLAB", and allows you to square dance, world wide, with confidence.

Square dancing is done with four couples dancing together as a group, following the commands of a "Caller", as they work their way through the steps.  Round dancing is done as couples, dancing counter-clockwise in a large circle, following the commands of a "Cuer", as they dance.  Some clubs dance Contra, which is double line dancing, couples facing, as can be seen in the "Gone with the Wind" movie. There are also several Line dancing and Clogging clubs across the state.

Square dancers have been accused of wearing "Funny clothes".  The Hicks (men) dress western wear as is common in the Texas-Arizona area.  The Chicks (girls) attire is EXTREMELY full skirts and western style blouses; however, peasant blouses and long skirts are now becoming popular.  During the 4 summer months, January, February, and on lesson nights, casual attire is appropriate.  This dress-up for a square dance is also part of the FUN we have.

We hope you enjoy surfing our web pages and learn more about the Hicks and Chicks Square and Round Dance Club, and square and round dancing in general.  We invite you to contact any member or officer for more information, or if you wish to become a Western Square Dancer.

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Square Dancing is fun, and you can build friendships that last a life time.